Sacred Sensuality Retreat

A School in Consciousness, Sensuality and Being Alive

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, February 13–22 2025

At the end of a long valley south of the Amazon river in Brazil, lies a beautiful intimate retreat centre. Reached only by off-road vehicles, it is surrounded by replanted forest. Nearby, water cascades over rocks at a stunning waterfall having flowed through the Serra do Cipo National Park. The Park envelopes the centre creating a sense of seclusion within one of nature’s ancient landscapes, formed over three billion years ago. Back then, without an oxygen atmosphere, pre-Cambrian geology witnessed all life becoming. We offer an opportunity to restore and deepen a sense of being fully alive, within this diverse and treasured ecology.

Immersing yourself over 10 days in a most ancient and vibrantly beautiful place, provisions the creation or enhancing your  existing connections to the inherent wisdom of the land and nature, through the powerful guidance of the indigenous teacher plants. We offer an exploration into the joyful, rich and natural state of sensuality through ecstatic (shamanic) experiences, extensive time in nature, movement through dance and, some tantric elements. Vitality will also come from the good local food with rest and sleep found in naturally furnished bedrooms. You will  have time to really be with all that will surround us, as well as simply be with what already resides within you.

Arriving, then settling here for a while creates a place as if out of time, where you have the opportunity to go beyond familiar fixed limitations of yourself and perhaps encounter what life is supposed to feel like. Discovering the depth and expanse of your own sensuality, inherent in us all. A time rich in discovery, finding pleasure in your own physicality.

Workshop Contents

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore what it could mean to live intimately with everything  We will use the doors of our senses to come to this state of being. Bringing both inner and outer worlds together. Giving corporal context to spirituality, as animism in action.

There will be opportunities for experiences such as journeys into the liminal, nurturing relationship with nature, exploring male and female energies. We also offer some space for dialogue mixed with experiential learning on topics such as boundaries, touch, trust, letting go and giving in. In addition we invite you, through teacher of nature and its cyclical nature, to stand at the threshold of death as a way to live more fully. We will be working both in a beautiful seminar room as well as in nature at various locations.

A decisive component for bathing in the sensual is time and choice. We will therefore offer spaces every day where there is nothing to do other than be. Giving time for you to walk or go on a hike, nap in your hammock or be still and alone, perhaps in nature. We bring the Way of Council Link as a way to hold and reflect on our experiences, creating both a personal and collective journey as a group. All our work is offered as an invitation, so you can go at your pace which provisions you with the choice of participation at all times. 

The workshops will be conducted in both English and German.

See what our participants have to say:

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The medicine journeys had an incredibly positive impact on me. I looked deeper into myself. This has supported me very uniquely on my spiritual path, and the location is simply outstanding.
I feel that my trust has increased, my trust in life. I’ve become more calm and relaxed. I have the impression of being more in the here and now, and that I am less into searching and more into finding.


Ayamira Retreat Centre

AyaMira is a German-Brazlian project that involves buying land and replanting rainforest in this mountainous area. With our event and the financial means that flow towards the centre, we will be supporting this cause.

The centre (Google Maps) is at an altitude of around 1200 meters in a very quiet area, surrounded on three sides by the plateau of the Area Cipo National Park. Our corner of national park is rarely frequented by visitors, so there is ample opportunity to experience nature intimately without distraction.

Video in German, but it will give you an idea of the retreat centre

The climate is dry and warm with cool evenings. Up in the park there are no mosquitoes at all, and very few down at the resort. There are some dangerous animals (snakes), but there have been no known incidents. The jungle especially calls you to be awake when you walk it, and the Serra (the arid land of the national park) stuns you again and again with unexpected beauty underneath its initial rough appearance.

The location is completely magical with this abundance of water, with the pools, with nature, where you can be simply naked and alone, where no one runs into you or gets bothered. There are so many magical spots which have a very special energy. I was especially touched by one occasion up at the waterfall, a journey where, for the first time ever, I experienced this very strong feeling of I am. I don’t need anything, I don’t have to do anything, it’s just this I am. It was so simple, so pure and so without anything attached to it. For me this was life-changing.


We will have delicious food cooked on site. Lodging will be in little bungalows with their own private baths. You will share room with another person, single occupancy depends on the number of participants and comes with a higher price.

More images at the (German) Ayamira-Website

The centre offers the opportunity to purchase addition plant medicine for creating your own experiences during your stay. We will guide you as to how you safely go about this. You can also extend your stay at the centre, allowing the experience to rest in your body, time to digest as well as enjoy the landscape. (We recommend this as the location and centre are stunningly beautiful, making relaxing easy). 

The cost depends on your chosen accommodation (see below, „Investment“). We also recommend to coordinate your travel with at least one other person. This will safe you money with the airport transfer (€60 – around £42 – one way/person, if at least 2 people are in the car; €110 – around £95 – if you are alone).

What’s included

  • Workshop contents and experiences with experienced guides
  • 6 held ceremonies indoors or in nature
  • Camping excursion to the very beautiful valley Serra Dorada
  • Rich breakfast and supper; lunch snack as self-service, depending on the workshop schedule
  • Transfer from the Belo Horizonte Airport to the resort (€60 – around £42 – one way/person, if at least 2 people are in the car; €110 – around £95 – if you are alone)

If you’re not familiar with Ayahuasca, it can be intimidating. Will I manage? Am I capable? Will I go crazy? But it helped me so much to look into things and into myself and to feel, to love, to come to fullness. The seminar taught me how important sensuality is for my personal well-being. In the sense that everything is actually sensuality, or rather that we were born to experience sensuality, to feel, to be touched, to relate to other things, living beings, people.


The Team

Peter Müller

Peter Müller has been accompanying people for over 35 years, supporting them in developing their potential and gifts. He stands for a spirituality experienced with all senses. Peter is a vision quest leader, has worked intensively with men’s initiation and holds shamanic ceremonies. He is a poet, dancer and touch artist.

Natalie Vickers

Natalie Vickers comes from a long ancestral line of wise women and is a ceremonialist. In her practice as a shamanic homeopath in England, she helps people through difficult passages back into the flow of life. She is also a vision quest guide and accompanies teenagers and young people through shamanic initiations as a „midwife“. 

Details and Cost


Seminar Fees:
Early Bird if you sign up until 13.06.24: £1,460
Regular price: £1,560

Paying the non-refundable deposit of £250 reserves your place. You may choose to pay the full investment up front. Should we need to cancel, you will receive your deposit and any other amount you paid back in full. If you pay your complete contribution in advance and cancel, you will receive it back minus £250. The full amount needs to be paid by 20.12.2024.

Depending on the number of participants we might have an assistant position at a reduced fee; please contact us if you are interested.

Accommodation and food is payed in cash directly to the resort in Euros:
Accommodation is in shared rooms (2 persons), cost is between €650 to €1000 per person for the 10 day retreat, depending on your chosen room (approx. £560 to £860).
Additional days, room and food, after the retreat:
€65 per day/night after the retreat (approx. £56)
Rooms are assigned by availability, first come, first serve. You can get an overview about the rooms here (currently only in German, but you’ll get the idea. All rooms have an on-suite bath.):

Verlängerungstage vor oder nach dem Retreat können im Zentrum gebucht werden. Hier erhalten wir einen Special Price von 65 € pro Person/Nacht inklusive Verpflegung für die Verlängerung. Tage vor der Anreise bitte anfragen, der Preis liegt hier analog zum Seminarpreis. Bitte bezahle diese Tage bar vor Ort (Euro oder Real). Teile uns bei Interesse bitte – verbindlich – die Tage und deine gewünschte Zimmerwahl mit, und wir arrangieren das für dich.

Additional days before or after the retreat can be booked at the retreat centre. Here we receive a special price of €65 per person/night including meals for the extension after our retreat. Please inquire days before arrival, the price is the same as durch the seminar. Please pay in cash on site for any additional days (Euro or Real). If you are interested, please let us know – bindingly – the days and your desired room choice and we will arrange it for you. You will receive information about the rooms after registration or beforehand upon request.


Please arrange for your own flight to Belo Horizonte (CNF); we recommend TAP Airportugal TAP Airportugal via Lisbon. It is the shortest and most convenient journey. Other routes might be cheaper, but usually involve switching planes in Brazil. 

After we receive your arrival and departure dates we will arrange for pick up at Belo Horizonte Airport. We encourage you to coordinate your flights with other participants. With your permission we will share contacts details to enable this. There is a 50 Euro surcharge per journey if you are the only guest being picked up/delivered.

After we receive your arrival and departure dates we will arrange for pick up at Belo Horizonte Airport. We encourage you to coordinate your flights with other participants. There is a 50 Euro surcharge per journey if you are the only guest being picked up/delivered. Please pay cash for the transport on site to the resort centre.

Transfer time from the Airport to the retreat centre is approximately 2.5 hours and some of this is off road.

Travel insurance we recommend getting insurance.


The Sacred Sensuality Retreat starts on the morning of Thursday, February 13th at the Ayamira centre. It is necessary to arrive at least one day ahead of this date. We recommend to come two or three days earlier, which gives you time to recover from jet lag and familiarise yourself with the environment, plus it is a gorgeous place to relax and hang out.

The retreat ends on Saturday, February 22nd in the afternoon. If you are tight on time, there is a TAP return flight from Belo Horizonte at around 6:30pm to Lisbon, which means you will have to leave between 11:30am and noon from the centre. Again, we recommend to stay a bit longer, which will allow for your experiences to settle. You could also extend your stay with excursions to the national park and the forest. For prices, see above, Investment.

Health and travel advice

There are no mandatory vaccinations since we are in the south of Brazil and at a high altitude. You might want to consider a Yellow Fever vaccination, please consult your doctor and/or see the travel advice of the UK government here and here.

General travel advice can be found at GOV.UK

Dengue as an infection is an issue in djungle areas and the favelas of large cities. We are at a very remote location up in the mountains with only running water around us, so not an endangered area.

There are no more Corona rules for traveling to Brazil.
For up-to-date info please visit the official Brazilian health agency and GOV.UK.
In the last two years travel to Ayamira worked well. The centre is in a very remote location, transport is directly from the airport in a private car, so there is very little chance of any infections. This is another reason why we recommend to fly directly from Lisbon.

Important Info

After you signed up and we received the downpayment or the full amount (which ever you chose) we will send you a confirmation email and in time also a packing list and any necessary information.

Please do not book any flights before our final confirmation of your participation. We shall not be liable for any cost resulting from such bookings before our confirmation.

Signing up

After you signed up and we received the downpayment or the full amount (which ever you chose) we will send you a confirmation email and in time also a packing list and any necessary information.

Please do not book any flights before our final confirmation of your participation. We shall not be liable for any cost resulting from such bookings before our confirmation.

If you would like to get to know us and/or have questions about the retreat, what to expect, how we work etc., we can have a conversation via Zoom or phone. Please let us know by using the button here.

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    Sharing data with other participants

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